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Slumber Party October 19, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in Zara.

By the time I got to King’s Wife’s place after work yesterday, it was already 8pm.

Tuyam gave me the usual daily report of what Zara ate, how many times she pooped, what new tricks she learnt etc. According to her, Zara didn’t nap enough. Sure enough, when I carried Zara, she leaned her head on my shoulder, started sucking her thumb (indicating she wants her milk), and occasionally rubbed her eyes (indicating she’s sleepy).

I quickly had my dinner, took a shower, and then got Zara changed into her pajamas.

The minute she got changed, she sleepy bug left her. With a sudden surge of energy, she started bouncing on the bed (a bit like a frog jump), rolling around. She was especially fascinated by the lamp in the room (which we later thought it looked like a pair of breast). Tilted her head, pointed at it, and started giggling.

When my nieces walked passed the room and heard the commotion, they came in as well.

The slumber party began. The 3 of them were playing on the bed, with Zara as the jester entertaining us. The girls sang nursery rhymes, while Zara tried to do the action or dance. The girls tickled her, she giggled and made funny noises. They were having so much fun, I couldn’t help but feel happy seeing them enjoy.

(I thought I could get her to sleep early so I can do some work on my notebook!)

Eventually, the girls have to go to bed because they have school the following morning. Only when they have left the room that Zara settled down so I could nurse her. It didn’t take her long to go to sleep, but when she did, it was already 10:15pm. 45mins later than her normal bed time.

She must have been so happy to be sleeping over at King’s Wife’s place.



1. Sue - October 19, 2005

it’s s nice to have kids around 🙂 they brighten up the place and also, with them, i feel babies learn faster

2. The Diva - October 20, 2005

Kids are always like… everytime I swear I know Ophelia is so tired, I get her ready for bed but she ends up playing for another 2 hours… boundless energy!

3. Egghead - October 20, 2005

err.. think she is getting restless leh… should lock the room and nurse her to sleep 😛

4. Fannie - October 20, 2005

Agnes, Ethyl came back yesterday, I nursed her and she fell asleep! Wondful??

When I went for my shower, she woke up and played with Hubby…another round of wrestling and tussling around before she sleeps!

5. maria - October 20, 2005

slumber party! so syiok!

6. blurblur - October 20, 2005

That’s kids! One minute they’re so sleepy and the next when they see someone /something intersting, they’ll be full of energy again..haha..

7. Zara's Mama - October 20, 2005

Yeah, babies love kids. See, Ivan is going to have company soon. I’ll have to work on it.

the diva,
yeah, some how, they always have this surge of energy just when you think they are tired.

I think she’s deprive of playmates. Need to work on this soon.

That happens to Zara too. That’s why I prefer her to be really tired then get her to sleep. That day with the slumber party, she slept through the whole night, up till 8am the following morning.

I bet your twins do that every day.


8. shawal - July 13, 2007

Kids give your home the shine that you can’t have anywhere else..


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