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Standing and Walking October 13, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in parenting.

Zara has started standing and ‘walking’ a bit more nowadays since she took her first step a month back.

Here is a typical process she follows :
1) she pulls herself up using a piece of furniture, our legs, our hair, or anything she could get her hands on and strong enough to support her
2) she finds her balance
3) check out who or where she can walk to
4) she lets go of her hand (from whatever was supporting her) and she’ll raise them above her head
5) finds her balance again
6) trots forward
7) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 .. (depending how well balance she is) into our extended arms, or reach to another piece of furniture, or just *THUD* fall down

On one hand, we’re so excited about her ‘evolution’ from an all fours baby towards a walking todler; on the other hand, we’re worried about her hurting herself, especially her skull, during this ‘transition’ phase.

How did the other parents handle this transition period? Ma Xin, a friend from Beijing (who happened to have a little girl Zara’s age) said she learnt this from one of the baby & parent class she attended:

教小孩子走路,要在她前面保护,而不是后面,尤其要让她知道向前跪而不是向前扑,很多用学步车学走路的孩子都会向前扑,这样容易伤到脸. 在后面保护,则会给宝宝信号,在失去平衡时向后倒. 这样在宝宝一岁多可以自己走路后,如果摔倒,也会下意识的往后倒. 有一种比较‘残忍’的办法,是让她站在床上,在后面推她一下,让她跪在床上,她可能会不高兴,但应该有效

It translates to :

When we teach a child to walk, we should protect/guide the child from the front, not the back. We need to teach them when they fall, to fall forward on their knee, and not tumble forward. A lot of babies learning to walk, will plunge forward, this will easily cause injury to the face (or forhead). If we protect the child from the back, we are telling the child it’s ok to lean backwards when she lost balance. This will make the child, while walking, to subconciously fall backwards when they do fall.

The ‘wicked’ method would be, to stand the child on the bed, push the child farward, let the child fall knee down on the bed. She may not like it, but should be quite an effective method.

So, I’m going to try out this method with Zara. To have a gash on the knee, is better than having a bump on the skull, that’s for sure.

Any one has any more ‘proven’ tips?


1. Jefferene - October 13, 2005

Well done Zara, she shall able to walk in no time!

When Yee Ching first learnt to walk, she did fall forward on her knee and use her hand to support herself. I didn’t teach her, I believe it’s thier natural instinct maybe!

2. blurblur - October 13, 2005

Wow..that’s another milestone! Great job, Zara!

Hee, i’m more “kiasu” (typical Singaporean lah;p, when Damien first learnt to walk, me and hubby will be his “front and back protector”. Probably we’re more protective towards him..but after a few falls, he learnt how to support himself with his hands and knees..:)

3. Sue - October 13, 2005

Well done Zara! Still makes me wonder if all girls learn to walk faster than boys…

4. jazzmint - October 13, 2005

hmm..sounds logic…eh but not pushing down from the bed..that’s a bit too rough, later she don’t dare to walk

5. Egghead - October 14, 2005

aiyor… this tip shown be taught earlier 😛
glad to see Zara making another milestone in her life!
one thing… my son seems to enjoy when we push him falling on his back on the bed wor… how? LOL!

6. mumsgather - October 14, 2005

Wah so complicated one! Just let her explore on her own but always be on standby to catch if fall loh. hehehe.

7. Fannie - October 14, 2005

For me, Ethyl is learning to stand on her feet w/o any support! What I do is, I will be in front of her, because I believe, seeing me in front will encourage her to move forward.

Then again, after some falls, they will learn to “protect” themselves and that is when they uses their hands and knees to “support” their falls.

They still have long learning processes, so do we! 🙂

Agnes, Zara…jia you!

8. Jesslyn - October 14, 2005

Yes, Zara, u can make it! but make sure dun let her fall down till hurt herself wor, else she refuse to walk anymore!

9. maria - October 14, 2005

hah? got classes to attend even walking? :P, I also want to open classes liao, teach parent how to jaga twins hahaha…

I prefer to let the baby do it all by themselve lor, I always believe they will walk when they are ready, they will learn how to fall and get up with their instint, all we need to do just merely, watch closer and get those rubber mat ready for them, at least that was what I did lar.

but if I can afford, will like to go to those classes too, see what they have in their pocket :D.

10. Dinah Law - October 14, 2005

congrats zara!

11. 1+2mom - October 14, 2005

At our home, my FIL (father in law) he place carpet(under carpet got soft sponch) on the dining hall so my kids fall not so pain and they brave to try again 🙂

12. Zara's Mama - October 14, 2005

Yee Ching so smart, knew how to fall forward. Zara keeps banging her head on the floor. That’s why I need to look for a ‘method’

Wah, protect backwards and front. Terror.

a lot of people say that. True meh?

yeah, have to find a ‘softer’ approach.

why look always so special? Maybe like daddy so naughty. Enjoy following down. 😛

been letting her explore on her own. End up, lots of bumps on the head. 😦

I was hoping Zara will ‘learn how to protect’ herself as well loh. But somehow, keep falling and bumping the head.

yeah, must make sure fall down also ‘slowly’ and will not hurt herself too badly.

I head Beijing lots of such classes. B’cos most couple have 1 child, so willing to spend a lot on the child. So what kind of classes also got.

Dinah, thanks.

good idea also. pad the floor maximum. 🙂

13. The Diva - October 14, 2005

Ermmm… I’d buy corner protectors for all the sharp corners of the furniture lor. I learnt it the hard way when Ophelia would walk into table corners. 😦

Now you got to watch her closely all the time lor, until she is more “steady”. But it’s great fun to see your child become more independent each day…

Next step, potty training!

14. Zara's Mama - October 17, 2005

the diva,
you are right, need to really child proof the house.

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