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A Mother’s Prayer October 11, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in myself, parenting.

Although I’m a born Catholic, I’m never the real pious type. I went to the church because my parents made me go with them every Sunday. In fact, the last time I went to church for a mass, it was my wedding service, 7 years ago (My dad always tells me, my mum is turning in her grave because all her daughters have stopped going to church once they got married).

However, I DO believe in God, I try to do things/behave according to His teaching (at least I think I am). Every night, I will join my hands, and say a short ittle prayer before I go to sleep, my prayer goes something like this.

“Thanks for everything.
Please continue to let Zara be strong and healthy;
Protect her from any harm or danger (don’t let her fall, don’t let any bad people come close to her, don’t let her touch accidentally or intentionally any thing dangerous);
Guide me to be a better mother (don’t let me swear in front of her, don’t make me lose my temper with her, be patient with her, provide me with the wisdom to bring her up)”

And then, I’ll ask St Anne (as She’d done during my pregnancy).
“Please continue to guard over Zara”

I have nothing to ask for myself, because if Zara continues to be strong and healthy, and away from harm, I’m already most blessed.



1. Fannie - October 12, 2005

A Mommy will always think for their offsprings…

2. blurblur - October 12, 2005

Thanks for sharing your prayer, I beleive that’s every mother’s prayer:)

3. Egghead - October 12, 2005

huh?? no bad guys can come to her??? all the guys are bad.. you want her to me a nun??

4. Dinah Law - October 12, 2005

I think we cannot avoid any injustices which will be thrusted towards our offsprings…whether we like it or not..it will happen. We can only pray that they will be able to survive it and as parents, be good role models towards them. It doesn’t matter whether you are a church-goer or not…the main thing is to be there when your kid needs you and to lead by example 😉

5. Irene - October 12, 2005

At least you pray! 🙂 I’m still working on daily prayer.

6. seng kor - October 12, 2005

I better dun leave any comment here since I dun hv a baby in my profile pic. Shit, I am thinking too loud again..

7. Zara's Mama - October 12, 2005

Fannie, Blurblur,
Mummies all pray for kids one. We are always so selfless. 😛

Yeah hor, all guys are bad.. how ah like that?

Yeah, what you said is true. But you know normally we’re very selfish, will not pray to say it’s ok to expose some injustise to our baby right but let them survive it. 😛

Come out with one soon then. 🙂

Seng Kor,
Why 9mmtap8 one u (as always)?

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