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Buka Puasa Stalls October 9, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in misc.

Yesterday, I sms-ed one of my Malay colleague who happened to live in the same residential area as me to see if he knew of the nearest buka puasa (break fast) stall. He told me to head on to the Stadium.

After Zara woke from her nap at about 5pm+, we drove there to check out the place. This is the first time I’m glad to be living in Shah Alam (that’s the greedy me speaking). The whole Stadium Shah Alam car park has been converted to a wai-sek-guy (greedy street). 3 long rows of stalls, selling all kinds of Malay goodies.

The whole place was packed with vendors and customers. You can smell the aroma of satay, percik and grill fish in the air, I could feel the gastric juice in my stomach churning, mouth salivating, seeing the different kinds of food, kueh/cakes, colourful drinks (a turn-off for me). This is Gastronomic heaven! I just don’t know how our Muslim friends could walk in here, and not feel tortured, able to buy these goodies but could only eat this in an hour or so when they break fast.

We bought some raw dates, they were lovely, plum and sweet. We were eating the dates while walking and shopping for more goodies. Zara loved it too, she was taking big bites from my hand. Daddy then reminded that we should respect our Muslim friends, and should not eat here while they have not broken fast yet. I quickly fed Zara the last chunk of the date, and kept the rest for later.

We smelled a very strong whisp of santan (coconut milk) in the air, following the scent, it led us to this stall, with stack of steamer steaming nasi lemak (coconut milk rice). There were lots of people packing their nasi (rice) from the stall, we thought it must be pretty good, so we bought 3 packs as well for dinner.

After that, I had to queue at an ayam percik (barbequeu spiced chicken) stall to get some ayam percik. There were so many people waiting for their order to be fulfilled. Workers fanning away at the many charcoal stoves at the back of the stall, the whole place was smokey but smelled yummy. I asked Daddy to go ahead and bring Zara out of here first since it was too smokey for her, while I waited. I ordered 3 wings, and since many people ordered drumsticks, the first skewer of roasted wings went to me.

That night, we feasted on the nasi lemak and ayam percik (there were really good), while poor Zara had poridge cooked with watercrest soup. We all liked what we had, including Zara.



1. jazzmint - October 10, 2005

yummy..i love the food, but i hate the traffic jam it causes everyday!! TTDI has a great variety of stalls too hehe, but so far I haven’t tried, cause I got so sick of the jam, just wanna go home..no mood oredi lah

2. Sue - October 10, 2005

yea… i also like these stalls, but hubby said too jam there. I know the Shah Alam stadium have much much more variety than TTDI πŸ™‚

3. Egghead - October 11, 2005

looks good the food!

4. blurblur - October 11, 2005

Wow..the food looks yummy to me…i’m drooling, stomach growling..ah..going to get breakfast now…:))

5. Dinah Law - October 11, 2005

wow…..lately I have been eating really good food but too bad cant wallop them cause of my teeth extraction..ai yo..have to eat soooo slow..like got no teeth at all also! have fun!

6. Zara's Mama - October 11, 2005

Jasmine, Sue,
I used to work in TTDI area, and always looked forward to the puasa month.
But the one in Stadium Shah Alam is probably 3 times the size of TTDI’s. But also 3 times more crowded. 😦

Kepong got such stalls? If don’t have you come to Shah Alam la. I belanja you eat Percik. πŸ˜›

One of these days, you should visit M’sia during the fasting month for such goodies.

Never mind, still got 3 more weeks of puasa month.

7. Fannie - October 11, 2005

wah…glorious food!

I love the food…the last time I went, my silly colleague, kept saying it’s unhygienic, don’t eat, yucks…wet blanket…

I shall go one of these days and try the food! Yummy yummy!

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