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Love/Hate Relationship with an Orange October 8, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in Zara.

Zara has always been attracted to oranges. Since I’d read that citrus fruits should not be given to babies below 1yr old as it may cause allergy, I’d never given her oranges before, only the whole unpeel orange for her to play with. And every time when she wanted to put the orange in the mouth, I would stop it, worried about the pesticide and all. Of course, to her, the temptation to bite the fruit is greater if the fruit is forbidden.

Today, I thought I’d do her a favour, I cleaned an orange with those plant based vegetable detergent, and passed it to her. She happily took it, and started putting it in her mouth, biting on it (she probably thought how come I didn’t stop her from biting this time). The oil from the orange peel must have tasted bitter, she cringed, then whined, even shed some tears, yet, she continued to put it in her mouth for another bite, and another bite. It was real funny to see her doing this, bite, cry, bite, cry. Wicked, I know.

Here’s a video clip of her with the orange, she probably can’t decide if she should give up or take another bite. A love / hate tug of war.

click here for video



1. Mei - October 10, 2005

That’s hilarious! Poor Zara.

2. yl - October 10, 2005

hahahahahaha… she looks like she wants to peel the orange herself but cannot even make a little dent on the orange skin!! PEK CHEK AR!!!

3. Sue - October 10, 2005

she’s really persistent huh LOL

4. Egghead - October 11, 2005

poor little girl… so cruel one ah?? give her some apple or pear ler 😛

5. blurblur - October 11, 2005

Aiyo, mama very naughty leh..”torture” little Zara…but..hahahahaha..simply hilarious…..;p

6. Msau - October 11, 2005

haha..Zara very cute ler..being so patient to bite the orange ahh..

7. Baby Smooches - October 11, 2005

errr… looking at the way she touch the orange’s “pusat”, she could be thinking that it’s probably an Orange breast?? 😛

8. Fannie - October 11, 2005

Er…I keep on laughing at her reaction…

Maybe it tastes bitter, but she’s so persistent! LOL

To Zara: Mommy is naughty hor…:x

9. Jefferene - October 12, 2005

Zara is so cute! Don’t know why this little babies like to explore new things and new taste even though the taste are bitter and sour to them!

There was once my babysitter give YChing a “lime” (kat jai), she removed the skin and eat it and showed funny and sour facial expression just like Zara!

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