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Talking – Yesterday October 7, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in language, Zara.

After dinner
Zara crawled to the TV cabinet in my sis’ house yesterday.
Touched some of the switches
Pulled some of the wires
Took her Wheels In the Bus VCD
Handed me the VCD and said, “put, put, put, put, put”, and then kept touching the TV screen.
Did she just say “PUT?”, or was it just coincidence? We never really taught her this word before, and we always say “Play” for VCD/DVD, never “Put”.
Anyway, it was time to go home, so I told, “We go home first, mummy will PUT for you at home”

Back At Home
Told Daddy about what happened ealier.
Daddy: Zara mummy said you so clever, you know how to say PUT? Say again. PUT
Zara : Put Put Put Put Put
(Daddy clapped hands, Zara grinned)
Daddy: Zara, say mum, mum, mum, mum, mum
Zara : Mum, mum, mum, mum, mum….
(non stop)
(wow, in the mood to talk)
Daddy: Call Daddy then, Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa
Zara : Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa (didn’t look like she was directing this to Daddy)
(I cannot tahan/stand any more, so I chipped in)
Me : Zara, call mummy, Muh-mee, Muh-meee
Zara : …… (grinned)
(Maybe too hard to call Mummy, let me try again)
Me : Zara, say Mimi, mi-mi
Zara : (immediately) Aao, Aao, Aao, Aao
Me : Zara, Mummy is not a cat, say Mimi, MI MI
Zara : Aao, Aao, Aao, Aao (non stop)
Me : *roll eyes*
Daddy : *Laugh*

I don’t know which part of me resembles a cat or a furry animal (which she also uses “AaO” on).

Up till today, she still doesn’t want to call me. Aigh.



1. Dinah Law - October 7, 2005

maybe mi mi sounds like meow meow and thats why she said aao aao instead…?? so sweet…

2. Fannie - October 8, 2005

maybe u should let her try calling MAMA instead.

When Ethyl said Papa after I taught her Papa for about 2 days, I have decided to change my “strategy”. I made her call “MAMA” instead of Mommy as I believe a single syllabus is easier to pronounce for them.

You might wana try? 🙂

3. Jefferene - October 8, 2005

hahaha! When I read the “Aao” part, ijust couldn’t stand myself laughing! Be patient!:P

4. blurblur - October 9, 2005

Damien called his Mah Mah, Gong Gong, Daddy, Yee Yee way before he called me..i just waited patiently….now it’s always “mommy this and mommy that….” :)))

5. Sue - October 9, 2005

ivan also refuse to call me mummy… he says mummy but not facing me, and he can’t link the word with my face…. when he wants me he calls.. Dah!!! Dahhhh!!! Daaaaahhhh! on the other hand he can call papa and can link it to his father >.

6. maria - October 9, 2005

eh? most of the toddler prefer to call anyone else but mommy, why ah? recently read Michalle’s girl also same, my girls last time also same.
But once they call, non stop.

7. jazzmint - October 9, 2005

hehehe…maybe mi mi oso got claws hidden like meow kekekeke…no worries lah, later start calling u means wanna stick closer to u hehehe..that time really kenot hide liao

8. Egghead - October 10, 2005

hahahaha… I guess all babies call their “mama/mum/mummy” last!!

9. mumsgather - October 10, 2005

Aao! Aao! Aao! Hahaha.

10. Zara's Mama - October 10, 2005


Fannie, tried mama, won’t repeat after me also.

Jefferene, Mumsgather,
Sometimes they really surprise you with the ‘jokes’ they make.

Blurblur, Sue, Maria, Egghead,
I heard that before as well. I think maybe to them (kids), mummies and them are one entity, until they can identify/acknowledge that they are separate entity will they actually call the mum.

I no claws la.. Now, don’t call me also very sticky/clingy liao.

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