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Visit to the Zoo October 1, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in trips, Zara.

Both Daddy & I last went to the zoo probably 20-30yrs ago. Having Zara means we have to revisit some of these places we would never go on our own as adults.

Before we went, I made a few SMSs to check if my nieces and nephews would like to go with us, however no takers, nieces have full day activities, nephews shopping in KLCC.

We arrived at the Zoo about 4:30pm. It just rained, so it was quite cooling and the sun was tucked behind some clouds, a very pleasant day to walk about outdoor.

Just after the entrance, there was a miniature horse and an orangutan out with the zoo staffs which we were allowed to pose next to them for photographs. With the horse, Zara was ok, although not daring to stroke it, she didn’t mind taking a photo with it; when I brought her to the Orangutan, and asked her to give the Orangutan ‘five-five’, she just stared and the Orangutan’s palm (which was extended out to receive the ‘five’ by its handler) and its longish fingers for 5seconds, and then turned away crying.

We didn’t bring our pram, so Daddy carried her in the carrier throughout.

We can see that she likes the birds, Pelicans, and Flamingos at the lake; the primates; the giraffes; she would look at them, and then back at us to smile. I also brought her small animal photo book along, every time we came across an animal which could be found in her book, I flipped and show the page to her. Hopefully, she can relate the 2 later.

When we arrived at the section with all the big cats, she started meowing like a cat. Pointed to the panther (which looks very much like our Rusty at home), she said “Aao”. Pointed to the jungle cat, she said, “Aao”. And then it was “Aao, Aao, Aao” non-stop.

She got her first fright when we were looking at a huge bull. While we were near the bar, trying to get a closer look, it threatened to charge at us. All of us had a fright; you know you are safe behind the bar, but the menacing bull looked as though it was going to charge out of the bar, to rip us apart with its horn. Daddy took flight with Zara, Zara cried in fear, I too almost dropped the camera. (seen here is daddy fleeing with Zara from the charging bull)

The 2nd fright she had was with the Hippopotamus. We were lucky, the hippo decided to emerge from the water when we were at its cell. The animal was extremely huge, dark skin glistening, walking clumsily around. Zara cried seeing such a giant. I tried to pacify her by telling her that the Hippo is not ‘naughty’, so she didn’t have to be afraid off. But nothing could console her; she looked at the harmless beast, and cried in fear. Daddy had to quickly take her away. While I was taking a photo of the Hippo, I could hear Zara’s cry echoing, poor girl.

After this fright, we had to bring her to see something she’s familiar with. We brought her to see some local bulls (not as intimidating as the earlier bull) and some wild boars. While pointing out the animals to her, we sang her the Old Mc Donald song, Oink Oink here, moo moo there, and she started being cheerful again, and squealed with delight occasionally.

We left the place all in good spirit.

It was a nice visit, I think we’ll probably do this again when Zara can walk on her own, and can appreciate the animals better. I believe it will be soon.



1. Egghead - October 3, 2005

I want to bring my son to the Zoo also… but nowadays the weather so unpredictable… either too hot or is raining… sigh!!

2. Dinah Law - October 3, 2005

i haven’t been to the malaysian zoo since i was a toddler!!! must make a trip when ashley is older…

3. Mei - October 4, 2005

I answered some questions you left on my blog!
Looks like you’ve been having a good time.

4. Jefferene - October 4, 2005

Zara so cute…aao, aao!Bet she will be an talkative toddler next time.

Yeah, I have brought my girl to zoo when she was 11 months old but too lazy to blog.

5. Sue - October 4, 2005

wow, it’s been ages since i went to the ampang zoo… ivan’s been to the taiping zoo but i think he was too hot and sticky to enjoy it much

6. blurblur - October 4, 2005

The “Daddy fleeing with Zara” pic is so cute:))I’m sure Zara will enjoy the zoo better the next time she’s there!

7. Zara's Mama - October 4, 2005

you should bring skywalker to the zoo la. Weather not good, but in the evening normally it’s quite clear. After a shower, even nicer to walk about

yeah, when Ashley is older, can bring her there.

thanks, I got my answers. 😛

don’t blog, but show photos la.

try the one in KL. Btw, how much is Taiping zoo charging? Much to see?

Singapore zoo nicer and cleaner. We got Zara’s passport done, thought of bringing her there for a trip to visit the zoo, birdpark, beach since e.thing is nearby.. Aigh.. don’t know when only.

8. Baby Smooches - October 5, 2005

I’d love to bring Brendan to the zoo but scared of Dengue lah….

Believe it or not, I’ve never been to our Malaysian Zoo at all. Ha!–>

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