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This Morning September 30, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in language, Zara.

This morning, after I’d finished expressing milk for Zara’s morning feed, I went upstairs, and found Zara already up, and Daddy entertaining her.

I said “Good Morning Little GIRRL” and she gave me this big big smile in return . I swept her into my arms, and asked her to give me a hug, she just leaned herself forward a bit (that’s her way of hugging). Then I told her to give me a kiss. Willingly, she placed her mouth on mine, and lingered for a while. I think she was trying to taste my breakfast from my lips.

What other nicer way to start a day? To see my little one in good spirit, getting a hug and kiss from her. Nothing beats this, unless she surprised you with her new vocabulary.

While I was getting her clothes and toileteries ready, she pulled on my pajamas pants to stand herself up. Then she pointed the flower print on my pants, and said “Puh-wer”. I stopped what I was doing, and asked, “What is it?”.
She pointed to the flower print and said again “Puh-wer”.
“Yes! Yes girl, this is flower”. I beamed.
“Puh-wer”. She repeated. Then clapped her own hands, aware of her achievement.
“Clever girl!” I clapped as well.
I swept her up, and gave her another hug. She was smiling and happy.

After that I went into the shower with her, and gave her a quick rinse. While in the shower, she pointed to her bathtime books, “boo”, and then to the wall tile “Puh-wer” (I had some of those floral tile stickers stuck on a few of the tiles).
“Clever girl!” I was really happy.

After that, daddy took her out of the toilet to dry and change her. While he was at it, he took the opportunity to get Zara to speak more since she was in the mood.
“Diaper” Daddy pointed to the diaper
“Ugh!” Zara responded
“Powder” Daddy pointed to the powder
“….” Zara took the puff to examine it.

Fat chance daddy. Maybe there’s too many ‘-er’ words for one morning.

I notice that Zara likes to surprise us with her capability. She observes when we teach her to do something; or when we speak, she looks at the movement of our mouth. She doesn’t like to repeat after us, but takes her time to digest, and then surprise us one day by uttering the words we’d taught her (although pretty limited for now) or do something we’d shown her earlier.


1. Dinah Law - September 30, 2005

cant wait for the day for ashley to utter “mummy” or “daddy”…

2. jazzmint - September 30, 2005

hehe..clever zara, making mommy so happy :)..I’m anxiously waiting for faythe to speak her first word 🙂

3. Egghead - October 1, 2005

we stay on bed on Sunday morning for at least half an hour to play with our son… wait for him to say “good morning” to us… also… he waits for us to acknowledge him when he did something or say something which he thinks is a great achievement…
I guess he is just a big show-off 😛

4. maria - October 3, 2005

the learning journey is always full of surprises and thrill…to mommy and daddy hahaha…

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