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Tempatation – Sales September 30, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in misc.

Already told myself many times Zara has enough clothes (mostly from Reject Shop and FOS), and toys, and I should not buy any more things for her.

Was in Bangsar Shopping Centre during lunch just now. Walked passed Mother Care, and saw some racks with 50% discount sign.

Hmmm.. hands itchy.

After lunch, quickly went there to have a look. In the 15mins, ended up buying her
1) a set of pants and t-shirt
2) a t-shirt
3) a pack of socks (5 pairs)

All these for ~RM80. Too pretty and good bargain, can’t resist.

I have to remind myself again, no more buying compulsively.



1. Dinah Law - September 30, 2005

I am also ALWAYS looking out for baby stuff for ashley – clothing toys etc! I just can’t help it – especially the cute lil clothes!

2. Jefferene - October 1, 2005

ya, I like to buy cloths for Yee Ching too. Wah, th mothercare cloths are still very expensive leh after 50% discount!

3. Egghead - October 1, 2005

wah… I went to a warehouse sale at Taman Ehsan last week… RM40+ for more than 14 pieces of branded clothing for my son!!!
call me “king of shoppers”!!!!

4. Fannie - October 1, 2005

It’s Mommies’ traits to splurge a little on our little one I guess…

Every Mommy is the same…my hubby will nag at me whenever I buy this, buy that…but I enjoy doing it! Especially for my girl! 🙂

5. Sue - October 1, 2005

easier to splurge on baby girls la… so many cute and pretty clothes ^^

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