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Constipation September 29, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in parenting, Zara.

Zara always have pretty regular bowel movement, once a day is the norm, and occasionally alternate days.

I wasn’t alarmed when there was no bowel movement during the weekend, as I thought there may be too much excitement at home (with me looking after her) which caused her to forget to poo. I started worrying when she didn’t have any motion passed by the end of Monday.

On Monday evening, I started helping her.

I helped her by repeating “Mmm Mmmm” “Mmm Mmmm” while with her. When she’s ready, she would stand up from her sitting position, hold on to the table or me, and work on her stomach muscle to try to pass her motion. We could see her face turning red, her clutches getting stronger, and she’s really trying hard. When her facial muscle relaxed, I checked her diaper, no sign of the poo. We tried again, I massaged her tummy, told her she’s a good girl, and she would have to help herself, then the cycle repeated. She would do it for 4, 5 times, trying very hard, complaining after each time by kicking her feet in agitation and then fretted, sometimes, she even have tears in her eyes.

She only managed to successfully release 3 grape size hard stools in total for the whole 5 days; each of her poo attempt more difficult and painful (based on her fretfulness and the amount of tears shed) than the earlier.

Yesterday, when she was asleep, I applied some Yuyi Oil on her tummy, and tried to massage her abdomen, and I found out I could actually feel her bulging colon, all hard and stuffed.

This morning, I quickly brought her to see her PD.

In the waiting room, she was all excited, so many babies and kids around, it’s like she’s in happy land. When it was her turn, she was in good spirit as well, smiling at the Dr and trying to play with the toys on his desk.

After asking a few questions like has her diet changed (which is Yes, since she turned 10mth old, she started having porridge instead of pureed fruits and vegetables for dinner, so she’s short of 1 fruit/vege serving per day now), any blood in the stool, the Dr asked me to lay her down to have her examined.

Zara was cooperative, laid down quietly, looking at the Dr. The Dr could also feel the bulging colon when he pressed on her abdomen. He then proceeded to probe a finger into Zara. This was when Zara started getting upset. She looked at me, asking for help, tears welling in her eyes. I had to just hold her hands and told her she’s a good girl, and the Dr will be finished in a while.

It was found that there’s already very hard stool very close to the anus, so an enema has to be administered. Zara didn’t like it at all, when the Dr stuffed the tablet into her, she started crying. Poor girl, mummy can only hug and kiss and sayang her after Dr was done. He also prescribed some laxative.

When we were back out in the waiting room, the enema started working. Zara’s face turned red, trying force the stool out, she whined and cried all the time. Then I could smell something rotten and knew she succeeded. We took her to the changing room to change her diaper, found lumps of hard stools on the soiled diaper. This can’t be 5 days waste, there must be more inside. Ugh!

Anyway, this is the end of this episode.

From now onwards, we’ll have to make sure she has enough greens and fruits in her diet. I can’t bear to see her kook-si/kek-sai (what’s the equivalent word in English? Just ‘shit’?) like this.

Next few days, there’s still the laxative to feed her, it won’t be fun! L

Since we were at the PD, her weight and height was taken. She’s actually 73.5cm tall, and weighs 7.44Kg. Light for her height and age (almost below lowest percentile curves). Another thing I need to look into.



1. yl - September 29, 2005

oh dear… i hope the laxative works in helping to purge all the waste from her little body…

2. Dinah Law - September 29, 2005

poor zara!!!!..hope she gets better bowel movements!!!!

3. Egghead - September 30, 2005

Oh man! I was just having my breakfast lah while reading this 😛

You should read about my shitty experience with my kid!!

Oh yeah… make sure to feed your kid banana or papaya after each meal to ensure their “smooth business” like what we did 🙂

4. Sue - September 30, 2005

poor Zara, at least she’s trying to poo-poo… egghead’s right, banana & papaya works wonders 🙂

5. Annie - September 30, 2005

Wah lega, at last the pooh came out! Everytime I see my girl “pangsai” I also feel lega.

6. Jefferene - September 30, 2005

Beside taking more fruits and vege, you can try letting her drinks more water to loose the stool.

7.44kg at 10 months old is OK. My girl was 8kg only at 1 year old, but she is healthy and active, so no worry!

7. blurblur - September 30, 2005

Poor Zara, you can try to give prune juice as well, it works wonder:)

8. Zara's Mama - September 30, 2005

Thank you every one for you kind words, and advice.

I will try papaya, banana and prune juice on her.. Like that sure smooth passage already. 😛

9. Fannie - October 1, 2005

oh, I was late!

I duno why i just can’t see the word verification for 2 whole days on this blog!

Wrote a long long list of things for u…sigh…

Hope Zara is fine and well! 🙂

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