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Mummy’s birthday September 24, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in myself, parenting, Zara.

Mummy’s birthday yesterday.
Ah Kong, Ah Kim, Samantha che-che, Alicia che-che, Teresa Yi-Yi, Uncle Misai Tan, Daddy, Kakak and I;
We all had dinner with her.

Funny dinner these big people had.
Ate in restaurant, but had to cook their own food
I can see them throwing balls, cubes, vege, green strings into this big pot of boiling water.
Then they sat back and waited.
When a lot of smoke came out from the pot, they used this spoon with net to take out the food, and dipped them into a bowl of something red before putting in their mouth.

I don’t know what those balls, green strings or the red thing in the bowl were .
Because mummy only gave me my porridge
And sometimes she scooped out some cubes of bean curd for me.
My food must be better, because every time mummy put a spoon of porridge in my mouth, she said “Yum Yum”

She let me play with the spoon with net for a while.
Before I could drop it on the floor to see how far the spoon will bounce or what noise it could make
Daddy quickly took away from me and said, “Don’t let her play with that”.

Since I had nothing to play with, I stood up on my chair to see what I can do standing up.
Daddy’s mouth gasped, mummy shouted “No No! Sit down! Sit down!”
Aw, these adults are such party poopers.
They can stand up to play with the big pot of boiling water, but I can’t stand up!

So I decided to scream and shout, and tried to squeeze some tears out from my tear glands.
It must have been a good performance, because people at other tables looked at me in awe
And threw glances at our table

And to reward me, kakak took me outside the restaurant for a walk
After that Teresa Yi Yi took me
And then Daddy’s turn.
Mummy said “You ‘yai yai’ ah!”.
Did she like my performance or not?
My doubts were clear, as mummy later hugged and kissed me and said she loves me.

Happy Birthday Mummy.
Next year when I can walk around, I will perform even better.

PS. By the way, Daddy didn’t wish mummy Happy Birthday, I heard him whispered to mummy some blood very expensive after he saw the bill. I wonder if they had blood just now.


1. Fannie - September 27, 2005

Happy Birthday Agnes! 🙂

2. Sue - September 27, 2005

Happy Birthday! Such a nice point to write from… baby Zara’s thoughts ^_^

3. blurblur - September 27, 2005

Happy belated Birthday, Agnes! Bet it was an enjoyable one:))

4. Irene - September 27, 2005

Happy Belated!

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