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10 month old September 22, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in development, Zara.

Zara has turned 10mth old yesterday. Her month by month development summarised :

Her weight should be somewhere high 7kg (haven’t been to the PD this month).
She’s 72.5cm tall
Still with only 4 teeth

Sitting – new in this area is that she’s able to rotate herself while seated (doing a pirouette sitting)
Crawling – all her crawling starting from this last month was with tummy off the floor. She enjoys the speed she gains by crawling this way
Cruising – Expert cruiser now, she use one hand to support herself, and cruises around confidently, at times running around furniture. She’s able to pull herself up from sitting position (can do it with just 1 hand) and sits back down with confidence.
Walking – Started taking her fist step. The distant she travels from point to point unsupported is getting further
Climbing – Started climbing up stairs and furniture (if her feet can reach the height, she tries it).

Language :
Understanding – getting better in understanding. Able to tell her not to do something dangerous by saying “after pain pain”.
Can understand long phrases and cause and effect, “if you want milk milk, come to mummy”; “you sit down first, then mummy give you biscuit”; “be careful, after you fall down then pain pain”
Reading and listening to songs are still her favourite.
Speaking – started saying words which are comprehensible. See this for her vocabulary.
Singing – sometimes, like a soprano, she’ll be holding her hands, concentrates, and coos for a long minute or two. I think this is her way of singing.

Hands coordination :
Able to put small things into bigger things.
Started giving flying kiss, still trying to perfect the ‘blowing’ of the kiss.
Knows how to give things to others when asked to.
Started showing interest in self feeding, still needs a lot of guidance / practice with handling the spoon

Feeding :
She’s still on 2 solid meals (increased to 4, 5 spoons), and started having porridge as one of the meal. 5 feeds of breast milk, and snacks on a few piecess of biscuits a day.

Preferences :
Able to display her preferences better.
She loves mummy most (that’s what I think).
At reading time, she’s able to choose a book from a pile, normally picking out her favourite book (which changes frequently).

Emotions :
Shakes her head to say “NO” (when given too much food, or when asked to give a kiss but she doesn’t want to).
Very good in ‘scolding’ people if she’s unhappy, say “AIK” loud and then stare at the person (if her favourite toy is being pried from her hand).
Lately, started having this fake laugh, use it whenever she’s trying to give the impression that she’s enjoying someone’s company.
Gives kisses to her favourite people right on the lips.

She’s still a happy and healthy baby.


1. jazzmint - September 23, 2005

bravo Zara

2. blurblur - September 23, 2005

Haha..i like the part on her fake laugh…so cute, already know what “entertaining” mean at such tender age..;p hehe…

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