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Zara’s Lantern September 20, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in celebration, Zara.

Moon cake festival came and went. I’m quite impressed with some of the celebration some mums had for their little ones.

Baby Faythe had a good time as mummy really took the effort to prepare see here

Baby Ethylyn had a nice lantern to play with and went for lantern parade see here

What did Zara’s mummy do? **shame**

We don’t normally celebrate such 大日子 (festival) unless it’s instigated by my eldest sis. This year, since bro & sis-in-law were holidaying in Portugal, and youngest sis was busy with her cafe, eldest sis didn’t organise anything special. However, since this is Zara’s first year, we thought we’ll just get her a lantern, and see if we could bring her some place with lantern show.

Alas, as usual, daddy dilly dally till quite late before we left the house to do lantern shopping. We only have 30mins to shop until our dinner appointment.

We searched for it around Sunway, and managed to find this Chinese medicine shop selling battery operated ones. Zara was sleeping in the car, so we didn’t get her to choose it. After getting the shop owner to show us the few left (it was Saturday, 1 day to the big day, and there was only ~10 left), and ‘demo-ed’ 2 of the short listed ones to see what things the lantern could do (the simple ones are no longer available). One is lantern shaped, with about 5 birds popping out of the lantern, another is a Chinese lion, which turned its head, and walked a few steps when it’s turned on. The lantern shape one is nicer, but very heavy, Zara will not be able to lift it with her small hands. So we chose the latter.

When we were at the restaurant, we took the lantern out for Zara. She was ok with it, gave us a smile and wanted to touch it. Then we turned it on. 黄飞鸿 (Wong Fei Hoong) music started playing, the lion’s eyes flashing red, and its head wobbled left and right. Zara’s started showing some fear, she backed away a bit. When the head wobbling stopped and the lion started walking towards her, she cried! Big tears rolling down. I tried to console and comfort her, and told her there’s nothing to be afraid off, took her hand to touch it. She pulled back her hand, stared at the frightful creature, and more tears rolled down.

We have to put the lion away. **shame**

What about lantern viewing?

It was already time for Zara to go to bed when we finished dinner (~10pm), too late to bring Zara to 天后宫(Tien Hou Temple) to see the lantern show (we assumed there was one there). So, we went back home. **another shame**

As for the lion, after letting Zara see the funnier side of the lion, like the pom poms on its tail and whiskers, and the funny gait the lion has when it’s walking, she’s no longer afraid of it. Still careful when we turned it on, but not afraid any more.

Next year, when Zara can walk and carry her own lantern, we’ll try to be more prepared, and have a better celebration with her. I promise no more shame!



1. jazzmint - September 21, 2005

wow nice lion lantern you’ve got for Zara :). Nvm..later can still play, post mooncake fest hehe :).

BTW, just found out from Dinah you work in HP? Me too haha..what a small world

2. Fannie - September 22, 2005

Hey Agnes, there’s always a chance…next year maybe? 🙂

3. blurblur - September 22, 2005

Fret not, Agnes, Zara is still so young, she’ll have more years of lantern carrying to come:)) Damien used to cry when he heard the loud tune, but now he will just left it on until the battery run out, i’m the one who wants to cry ;p

4. Sue - September 22, 2005

yea, next year will be more fun when she can walk 🙂 and carry lantern around the neighborhood

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