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Different stroke for different folks September 18, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in parenting, Zara.

We had dinner tonight with some friends at a Thai Restaurant with Zara.

Zara had her home cooked porridge, while we indulged in the chili laden fare. When dessert was served (water chestnut in coconut milk), one of our friends was carrying Zara on his lap. Our friend just spooned some ice cold coconut milk into Zara’s mouth, and Daddy cautioned his friend, “she can’t take any of THAT!”.

Our friend, looking innocently, asked, “What’s wrong with this?”. Daddy proceeded in telling his friend that Zara is still young, and should not be given unboiled coconut milk (not to mentioned the sugar content in the coconut milk). His friend said we are just too careful, and declared that his girl friend’s nephew is already having Secret Recipe Cheesecake, and he’s one month younger than Zara.

Cheesecake at 9months old? The sugar content in the cake, the possibility of uncooked egg in the cake, what about additive and colouring? Nah, I won’t think of giving such thing to Zara at this age. Of course I didn’t say this out loud, but just said “We have to be careful of what she eats, just in case she may be allergic to certain food and may get tummy upset”.

His friend proceeded to tell us that the boy ate 1/2 a slice of the cheesecake and he is ok. I could only add to say that different people have different parenting style, and for us, this is not ok.

It’s true, different people have their own way of caring for their child, and they have their own Dos and Don’ts in terms of what the child can eat and cannot. For us, in terms of caring for Zara, we follow our child care books, Baby Centre etc etc, which is more of a Western approach. It may not be the best way, but this is the way we know how to care for her, and the method is not baseless.



1. Fannie - September 20, 2005

well, ppl ard me also loves feeding ethyl with food she should not be eating at this age!

some ppl stbbornly claims it’s fine & insisted…sigh…

2. jazzmint - September 20, 2005

yup agree with you, different people different style..For me, even Faythe is 8 months, I let her try other food, small bite size, but definitely cooked ones!! So far no tummy upset. We gave her a bit of fish egg too..high nutritious mah 🙂

3. Jefferene - September 20, 2005

Me too on the more flexible side. I have given my gal the chance to taste our table food when she was 8/9 mths old but only very little, I think a little bit won’t harm the baby, but of course certain foods like seafood and peanut are big NO-NO to me and prohibited before one year old.

4. jazzmint - September 20, 2005

zara, forgot to leave my email, jazzmint@gmail.com 🙂

5. blurblur - September 20, 2005

Damien get to taste our food after he blew his 1st candle, and it’s only a tiny portion. Right until now, there’s still certain seafood, eg. prawn and crab which we restrain him from eating as he’s allergic to them, otherwise, he eats almost everything ;p

6. Zara's Mama - September 20, 2005

maybe I’m more kiasi..

My greatest worry is Zara fall ill, so I try as much to do things from preventing her from getting sick. And diet is one way of controlling that.

7. Sue - September 20, 2005

in my opinion, it’s your baby and people shd respect whatever you and your hubby agreed on… moreover, sometimes it’s not even easy to agree on everything with hubby alone

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