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An Addict’s Wound September 16, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in Zara.

A drug addict does not mind inflicting wounds to himself so that he can have his fix.

My little girl does not mind the wounds she inflicted herself so that she can have her thumbsucking fix.

I was appalled to see that she had been sucking and biting her thumb so hard that there’s actually 2 cuts on the outside of her thumb, and the worse thing is she’s oblivious to this.

She’s a thumbsucker, and her thumb provides her with comfort every time she’s sleepy, bored, hungry, upset so it’s not going to be an easy habbit to change.

I’ll see if I can change her to a pacifier, and offer her the breast every time she needs to comfort herself. Hopefully, the wounds will heal soon. 😦



1. Sue - September 17, 2005

yeah… better that she’s on the pacifier and i’ve heard from another mummy that her doc told her that it’s very very hand to stop thumb-sucking in comparison with the pacifier

i’ve also seen with my own eyes a lil girl of 3 or 4 with her thumb all red and painful (to me la, not to her…) and was told by her uncle that she just loves sucking thumb

2. Anonymous - September 18, 2005

Ya. you may wan to try the pacifier cos it is easier to wean off than thumb. I will pull out my gal’s thumb whenever she puts in. In the end, she will suck other fingers. my mom says as long as they dun suck thumb but other fingers , it is easier to wean off.

3. Fannie - September 19, 2005

Oh…pain pain…

Yah…maybe it’s time to give her a soother…her thumb looks sore!

4. jazzmint - September 19, 2005

hi..stumbled upon ur blog from sue. Welcome to blogging world 🙂

5. Jefferene - September 20, 2005

My girl also a thumb sucker and she is stubborn i.e only suck her left thumb, no right thumb, no pacifier. She hurts her left thumb too.

I think I don’t agree that pacifier is easier to wean as pacifier can stuff in their mouth whenever they are playing or sleeping but as for thumb, they can’t play and thumb sucking at the same time.

For my gal, she is now 13 mths and has gradually weaning herself from thumb sucking i.e she didn’t suck her thumb as much as she was younger and her thumb look fine now!

6. Zara's Mama - September 21, 2005

Jefferene, that’s very comforting.

Tried giving her the pacifier but she just wouldn’t take it, so I guess we’ll let her continue with her thumb.

Btw, Jefferene, do you have a blog, b’cos your profile doesn’t link to one.

7. Jefferene - September 22, 2005

hello, my blog url is http://babyyeeching.blogspot.com. Feel free to drop by.

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