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The Monkey God And His Apprentice August 24, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in Zara.

This week the kids are staying home as it’s the school holiday.

Norman ko-ko was monkeying around with the broom stick pretending to be Monkey God, he was jumping around and using the broom stick to hit anything that he spotted, shouting “Hike! Aike!” while the imaginary villains got hit.

Zara was napping in another room, and when she heard all commotions, she wanted to be part of it. She stuck her head out of the room and saw the prancing Monkey God and got excited. She crawled towards Norman ko-ko and tried to reach for the stick.

She was happy just to be able to hold on to the stick and be part of the action. The Monkey God has just found his apprentice.



1. EeLin - August 26, 2005

hey, you sound Malaysian. Are you?

2. Zara's Mama - August 26, 2005

Yes, from KL, as stated in my profile. Your blog is not up yet? Can’t access it.

3. Mei - August 26, 2005

This post has been removed by the author.

4. Mei - August 26, 2005

I hope you don’t mind my linking your blog.

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