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Sticky August 19, 2005

Posted by Zara's Mama in parenting, Zara.

Maybe because I’m working from home, and she could hear my voice, and know I’m present; maybe she’s more choosy about who takes care of her, and where she is; or maybe it was just because she was ill the last week and still recovering; lately she had been extremely sticky, and preferred to glue on to me all the time than to play or to cruise when we’re in Karen’s house. She cried every time one of the maid came to carry her away so that I could work.

I tried to hide in the room to work today, so that she couldn’t see me or hear my voice at all, and it seemed to work. She only cried when I passed her back to the maid after nursing her.

Maybe next week, I can go back to the office to work.


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